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New Way to Sell Apps in China

Thank you everyone who has joined us on June 5, 2017 in San Jose during Beard Bash ‘17 event. It was an honour for us to reveal PleyMart during one of the oldest and biggest events around WWDC (Apple Developer Conference) and being endorsed by Jim Dalrymple.

PleyMart is a new way to sell your apps in China. It’s not just a platform, it’s a dedicated way to enter the fastest growing market on Earth. PleyMart will launch soon for all Chinese customers. It is built around the idea to provide developers what they lack the most in China:

Legal Protection
Trademark and copyright registration in China is not a straight-forward process at all. PleyMart has your back by taking all of this burden on our shoulders. Every PleyMart participant will have trademarks, copyrights, icons protected under Chinese laws which will prevent copycats from stealing your property. Some content also requires approval from the Chinese government and Pleymart has the experience to build trust and make it right.
While being the biggest market on Earth, China has totally different channels of communication with all of your 1.5 billion potential customers. Team PleyMart spent the past 8 years researching and acquiring the best practices and assets of Chinese marketing communication. Your product will be heard in China.
Chinese Payment Culture
The way Chinese people love to buy things online is both unique and original. And it’s not only AliPay. PleyMart builds more familiar and native experiences of checkout for China which result in higher conversion. Value of every app or game is also a matter of research. PleyMart team will offer you the best pricing options to maximise your revenues and reach.
Full Localisation, Not Translation
Translating your app into Chinese is only a fraction of what we mean by Full Localisation. PleyMart team reviews every app and suggests improvements that will make it more accessible for Chinese consumers. Also, all apps shall be located inside China, which ensure 99.9% uptime and the fastest download + update speed.

Right now we are selecting 20 best Mac apps and games that will be showcased and promoted during a very intensive launch event.

Submit your app or game for a review and we will get in touch with you shortly & evaluate your app’s potential for Chinese users.

Submit your app now to ensure it will get maximum of our attention.

Team PleyMart.

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